Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Plans

I offer long term payment plans that can be up to 12 months (depending on the total price of the doll). Please message me in regards to any available dolls to request a payment plan through monthly invoices. Additionally my website does support several other payment options.

If a payment plan is cancelled for any reason, none of the payments are refundable.

Cancellations or Returns

All sales are final. I do not accept cancellations or returns.

Box Openings

My dolls will come home with 2 outfits, blanket, pacifier, mohair conditioner, brush and comb set, a couple small accessories (socks, headband or other), care sheet, COA, birth certificate and a few other small gifts.

Silicone Care

Caring for a silicone doll properly will ensure that it becomes a cherished heirloom piece of art. Please do not bathe your doll, this can damage the matting or paint. If the surface needs to be cleaned of lint the best option is a sticky lint roller or a bit of tape. If you do need to very gently rinse a small area, do not use a washcloth or any thing that will create friction and apply a small amount of matting powder after. You can apply matting powder to any areas that you feel need it. Avoid placing your doll in high heat, direct sunlight or anywhere that animals can reach it; ants, mice, cats, dogs and other small animals can chew on and damage a doll.

Hair Care

Mohair that is used on dolls is a natural fiber and can become dry and brittle overtime without proper care. I include a leave in conditioner with my dolls, it should only be used sparingly if the hair feels a little dry. Most of the time only water is needed to style the hair. Only use a very soft baby brush or child's toothbrush to gently brush the hair.

The hair can break due to rubbing or friction if they are not treated delicatlely. Plastic wrap can be used under the back of the head or under hats to prevent rubbing.


I only use the highest quality materials on my dolls. They are made from platinum silicone and painted with silicone paints.

Hair Rooting

I use the highest quality soft, fine mohair. Rooting the hair is a slow, tedious and meticulous process of inserting 1-2 hairs per punch with a small needle. Because silicone is solid, the hair cannot be sealed on the inside of the head. I root them very deeply into the solid silicone so they hold very well. But they can be pulled out if they aren't handled gently.