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Kaillie sculpt by Maissa Said

Kaillie sculpt by Maissa Said

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Kaillie was sculpted by Maissa Said and molded\poured by Maria Lynn Dolls.

She is the perfect newborn size baby at 20". Kaillie is a full body, anatomically correct little girl in a soft blend silicone. Her silicone blend is perfection, very soft and marshmallow-y, which allows her neck and arms to be easily posed. She has armatures in her arms with add a lot of ability to easily pose. Her mouth is open and has amazing sculpted details including a tongue and I have painted it as realistic as possible. She can take a preemie size or modified pacifier. 

Kaillie's painting has been done with several thin and carefully applied layers of silicone paints. I only use the absolute best quality materials available to bring my dolls to life so that with proper care they will become cherished heirloom pieces. 

Kaillie's hair was micro-rooted with amazingly soft, fine, slightly wavy honey brown mohair. Her eyebrows are painted. ***The hair has been rooted deeply into the silicone, but silicone is solid and the hair cannot be sealed from the inside, so care must be taken to avoid excess pulling and friction. I push the hair as deeply into the silicone as possible. Mohair is a delicate natural fiber and can break with excess friction or from drying out, it can also become matted from excess friction especially when wet and even more so if wet with warm water. Bathing your doll should be avoided! And occasionally moisturizing the hair is recommended with the leave in conditioner provided or an organic, scent free, baby leave in conditioner. Lastly, the hair has been directionally rooted. This means each hair has been pushed into the silicone in the direction it is intended to lie for this style and the hair needs to be styled in the intended direction to avoid bending and breaking the hair at the root. Try to replicate the artist photos for styling your dolls hair.

Kaillie will come home with a small box opening, including an outfit, birth certificate, care sheet, baby hair brush set, mohair conditioner, as well as a few other items depending on what I have in stock. *Props not included.

Please feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.

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